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I am a winery owner and I would like to hire a caterer to operate at my winery for a Special Event (e.g., a special monthly tasting party open to the public/Passport Weekend/Fairplay Weekend/etc.). Do I need a permit? Will I get an inspection?


  • If the caterer has a valid El Dorado County Catering Health Permit*:
    Listing on the coordinator application is required, but there will be no fee. (This is to verify compliance and to predetermine activities).
  • If the caterer does not have a valid El Dorado County Catering Permit,* but is licensed in another county:
    A temporary food facility permit, with a fee, is required or the caterer can become permitted in this county.

*An acceptable El Dorado County Catering Health Permit must be designated "Caterer" (P/E 1640) or "Plus Catering - Only Use with Existing Restaurant" (P/E 1642) - this should be printed on the permit. Consult your local EHS should you have any questions. 

Inspections:  (This office can inspect a licensed caterer at any time.)

  • I am the coordinator of Passport Weekend. Do I need a permit?
    If all the wineries hire permitted, approved caterers for the event, and there is not one winery that requires a temporary food facility permit, then you are only required to obtain a coordinator permit. However, to verify compliance, the application and necessary information (who each winery is using as a caterer), will still be required.
  • If one caterer is operating at several different wineries at the same time, does the catering health permit cover all of the locations?
    Yes, as long as there is a representative of the cater at each location overseeing the serving of all food products.
  • I am an owner of a winery and I want to have a special event (special hors d'oeuvres with new wine openings, etc.) at my winery only. This will be during my regular tasting hours, so the public could come, although I did send out invitations. Do I need a permit?
    • All events where the general public could come requires a permit.
    • If you are hiring an approved, permitted caterer, you are not required to obtain a temporary food facility permit. Please contact this office to verify that the caterer is approved and has a valid health permit.
    • If you already have a kitchen that has an annual or seasonal health permit with this office, you are not required to get a temporary food facility permit as well.
      If you do not have a kitchen that has a permit, a temporary food facility permit is required.
  • I am an owner of a winery and I will be having a special tasting of a new barrel wine with some extensive hors d'oeurves. This event will be during non-business hours, and I have sent invitations only to my club members and other selected guests. Do I need a permit?
    If the event is not open to the general public, and is only open to invited guests, then a permit is not required.