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Environmental Health

Plan Construction Guide for California Retail Food Facilities

Pursuant to the California Health and Safety Code, Division 104, Part 7. California Retail Food Code [CRFC], Section 114380, a plan approval must be obtained from the El Dorado County Environmental Health Division before constructing or remodeling any building for use as a food facility. Remodel of a food facility means construction, building, enlarging, altering, converting, or repairing. The following procedures are required to process and approve food facility plans as well as to obtain final approval to open for business:

The plans must include sufficient information to demonstrate compliance with the minimum requirements of the California Retail Food Code [CRFC].

Plans may be prepared by an architect, draftsman, designer, contractor, or owner. All plans must be drawn in a concise, detailed, and professional manner. Inadequate plans will be rejected.

Items to be submitted to begin the plan review process:

  • A minimum of two(2) sets of detailed plans and equipment specifications
  • A complete food permit application
  • A complete business plan (include a copy of the menu)
  • A minimum plan check fee

Your total plan check review fee will be due prior to the final approval of plans. The plan check fee will also include a preliminary construction inspection and a pre-opening inspection.

Upon plan approval, one set of approved plans must be maintained at the construction site until the final inspection has been made. The second set of approved plans will be kept on file by the Environmental Health Division until construction has been completed.

Before commencing construction, approvals must be obtained from Environmental Health, the local building authority, and other appropriate agencies. Building permits for food facilities are not to be issued until plan approval has been obtained from the El Dorado Environmental Health Division.

If any changes to the approved plans are desired, revised plans shall be submitted for review and approval prior to construction.

All construction and equipment installation shall be subject to field inspection. The food facility shall not open for business until final approval is obtained from the El Dorado Environmental Health Division and a valid Food Facility Permit is issued. Call your Environmental Health Specialist at least 48 hours in advance for inspection appointment(s).

Minimum Requirements for Food Facility Plans: Plans shall be drawn to scale (the recommended scale is 1/4 inch = 1 foot), and shall include the following:

  • Name and address of the food facility
  • Name, mailing address, and telephone number of the owner, contractor, and contact person
  • Vicinity map
  • Floor plan of the entire facility
  • Floor plan showing equipment layout including:
    a) Complete equipment checklist, including the methods of installation if necessary
    b) Equipment specification sheets
  • Plumbing layout
  • Electrical layout (including lighting schedule)
  • Exhaust hood ventilation and make-up air systems design
  • Site plan including proposed exterior waste storage receptacle location
  • Room finish schedule for floors, base (coving), walls, and ceiling that indicates the type of material, the color, and the surface finish for each room or area. Give specific brand names and colors. Samples or specifications of the proposed finish material may be required. [see sample template]

Field Construction Inspection Procedure
Preliminary construction inspection - Contact your Environmental Health Specialist at least 48 hours in advance to request a preliminary construction inspection prior to the installation of equipment.

Final / Pre-opening inspection - Upon completion of construction, including finishing work, contact your Environmental Health Specialist at least 48 hours in advance to arrange for a final pre-opening inspection. Approved materials/ equipment and good workmanship are significant factors in the evaluation and final field approval of food facility construction and equipment installation. Prior to opening for business or use of remodeled areas, final construction must be approved and an annual food facility health permit must be paid.