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Tattoo(1)Body Art Facility Information

Before constructing or remodeling an existing facility, submit a service request form and your floor plan to our office for approval. The floor plan should show all details required in the Safe Body Art Act. Click here for a listing of the requirements for a body art facility.  A plan review fee will be charged. You will receive a copy of your approved plan for your records. (Fee Schedule

Fill out the Body Art Facility Permit Application form and send or deliver it to the El Dorado County Environmental Management Office. You must provide documentation that you have a current business license. There is an annual permit fee. (Fee Schedule)

The "Medical Waste Management Act" forms must be read, filled out and submitted to our office. Generally, body art establishments hauling their own medical waste will fill out the "Limited Quantity Hauling Exemption Application Form". There is an annual permit fee for hauling your own medical waste. If you will be using a registered medical waste hauler instead of hauling the waste yourself, the permit fee to our office is a one-time fee. Fill out the appropriate medical waste tracking documents. (Fee Schedule)
After you have constructed or remodeled your establishment, call our office for a final inspection. You will receive written approval to begin operations. Expect annual, unannounced inspections from our office. If complaints are made, these will also be investigated.

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