General Contact Number: (530) 621-5567


Administration Refund Process

REFUND PROCESS: If you believe you are owed a refund from the Environmental Management Department, please contact one of the Departmental Representatives below:

  • Refunds related to Special District Assessment Fees shown on your property tax bill contact Administration (530) 621-5300 or email
  • Refunds related to food facilities and health permits contact Environmental Health Division at (530) 621-5300 in Placerville area or (530) 573-3450 in South Lake Tahoe area or email
  • Refunds related to the West Slope C.U.P.A. Program, underground storage tanks, medical waste, and hazardous materials fees contact Hazardous Materials Division at (530) 621-5311 or email

ACCOUNTS PAYABLE:  If you have billed us for goods or services and have questions about our payment to you, please contact (530) 621-5300 or email