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Newtown Road Storm Damage

Newtown Road - West of Fort Jim Road

Newtown Rd Newtown Rd 2

Project Location: Newtown Road west of the eastern entrance to Fort Jim Road (Pleasant Valley side)

Project Description: On January 18, 2017, approximately 120-feet of roadway slid out adjacent the westbound shoulder of Newtown Road near the eastern entrance to Fort Jim Road (Pleasant Valley side) leaving a near vertical at the edge of pavement. Subsequent to the initial slide the pavement in the westbound lane has been compromised. Temporary railing has been placed around the limits of the affected roadway and slope reducing the roadway width to one lane. Temporary signals have been placed on both ends of the temporary railing.  Geotechnical investigation of the subsurface materials has begun. Permanent repairs are expected to be complex, including significant structure work.      

Please check back for updates, including projected schedule for permanent repair work.

Road Status Map