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Fort Jim Road Storm Damage

Fort Jim Road Sink Hole 

Fort Jim Fort Jim 2

Project Location: Fort Jim Road (Placerville side)

Project Description: The existing 10-foot diameter multi-plate culvert under Fort Jim at Weber Creek has failed (Placerville side).  On January 4, 2017 a hole opened up adjacent the roadway at Fort Jim Road.  Maintenance crews backfilled the hole on same day.  The following morning a sinkhole was noticed in the northbound lane on Fort Jim Road.  Upon further investigation additional sinkholes were observed in the general vicinity of the existing culvert adjacent the roadway.  Due to the rain expected on January 6, 2017, Transportation staff determined that Fort Jim Road must be closed to ensure public safety.  Since the road closure on January 5, 2017 the entire width of the pavement over the existing culvert has failed. Geotechnical investigation of subsurface materials is necessary to determine the most appropriate permanent repair.   

Please check back for updates, including projected schedule for permanent repair work. 
Road Status Map for Fort Jim Road