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Bucks Bar Road Storm Damage

Bucks Bar Road Sink Hole

Bucks Bar Road 2 Bucks Bar Road 3

Bucks Bar Road

Project Location: Bucks Bar Road at approximate Mile Post 0.68  

Project Description: ‚ÄčExisting culvert, varying in depth from 8-feet to 12-feet, under Bucks Bar Road is failing.  A sinkhole opened up in line with the existing culvert at pavement elevation. Temporary repairs to the south side of the roadway were performed on February 10 and 11.  The permanent repairs will require a full road closure and will include a full culvert replacement. Permanent repairs will not begin until the repairs for the Mt. Aukum sinkhole are complete and Mt. Aukum Road is reopened to the public.  

Please check back for updates, including projected schedule and projected road closure and opening dates

Road Status Map