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Standard Plans  (DRAFT)
Note that these are drafts only, developed as part of the proposed Land Development Manual (LDM), and have not yet been adopted by the Board of Supervisors. The current adopted Standard Plans can be found here.


  • Section 2:   Curb, Sidewalk, Apron, Gutter and Miscellaneous Concrete
  • Section 3:   Grading, Drainage, and Manhole Details
  • Section 4:   Signing and Striping, Signs, and Barricades
  • Section 5:   Utility Details
  • Section 6:   Electrical Details
  • Section 7:   Monuments, Mailbox Details, Fencing, Lighting Details, and Miscellaneous Details
  • Section 8:   Landscape and Irrigation Details
  • Section 9:   Standard Park Details