Tahoe Engineering

Lake Tahoe is a national treasure and is designated by the Environmental Protection Agency as an Outstanding Natural Resource Water, famous for its clarity and pristine beauty. Tahoe Engineering’s mission is to protect and improve the extraordinary natural and recreational resources of the Lake Tahoe Basin. This is achieved through participation in the Environmental Improvement Program (EIP) which is managed by the Tahoe Regional Planning Agency (TRPA) and outlines projects by respective jurisdictions and agencies targeted at meeting certain environmental thresholds. These projects are also included in the County’s Capital Improvement Program (CIP). Though the primarily focus is on implementing projects targeted at meeting the water quality threshold (Erosion Control and Water Quality Projects), the County also implements projects targeting recreation and air quality thresholds (Bike Path Projects), stream environment zone (SEZ) thresholds (SEZ Enhancement / Restoration Projects), as well as roadway preservation (Overlay Projects).

The Tahoe Engineering Group works together with Long Range Planning and the Transportation Division Maintenance Unit in Tahoe to meet the National Pollution Discharge Elimination System (NPDES) Total Maximum Daily Load reduction requirements through water quality monitoring, project implementation, and maintenance of existing County infrastructure. Tahoe Engineering is also responsible for issuing and enforcing encroachment permits to utility companies that are working within the County right of way.

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Donaldo Palaroan
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Senior Civil Engineer
Capital Improvement Program, Environmental Improvement Program
Daniel Kikkert
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Senior Civil Engineer
Capital Improvement Program, Environmental Improvement Program, Utility Encroachments
John Kahling
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So. Lake Tahoe
Deputy Director Engineering
Policy & Program Development, Tahoe Engineering Unit Team Leadership