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Northside School Class I Bike Path Project

Northside School Bike Path Construction Starts in May 2014  

El Dorado County-Community Development Agency, Transportation Division has finalized design and will construct a Class I Bikeway (Bike Path) along SR-49 from Cave Valley Road to SR-193 and along SR-193 from SR-49 to Auburn Lake Trails to provide a multi-use trail for bicyclist and pedestrian use (Figure 1: Project Site and Bike Path Limits).

The proposed project consists of an 8-foot wide Bike Path with 2-foot shoulders separated from the highways. 

This Class I Bike Path will be constructed on the west side of SR-49 from Northside School (Cave Valley Road) to SR-193 and along the north side of SR-193 from SR-49 to American River Trail. 

After construction the Bike Path will look like Picture 1.

Due to funding considerations, the project was proposed to be phased, with Phase 1 as the SR-193 portion and Phase 2 as the SR-49 portion. The both phases are going out to construction at the same time. 

The construction contract in the amount of $1,495,007 was awarded to Sierra Nevada Construction, Inc. 

Construction is expected to begin in May 2014 and continue through early fall 2014.  


Northside School Bike Path

Figure 1:  Project Site and Bike Path Limits

Project specific information including contract plans are available at

Northside School Bike Path Simulated Completion
Picture 1:  Simulated Bike Path after Completion
During construction, information will be posted on this web page to keep public informed.