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BlueStarProvide customer service and comply with legally mandated activities.

      • Implement General Plan policies
      • Manage NPDES requirements
      • Submit required data and financial reports on time
      • Increase information available on internet

BlueStarEnhance available funding sources to meet existing and future transportation needs.

      • Review and establish defendable and sustainable TIM fees
      • Maximize revenue participation from external sources (FHWA, Caltrans, etc)
      • Work with other transportation partners to leverage available money

BlueStarImprove Project Delivery so that needed transportation improvements are delivered timely, and efficiently.

      • Deliver 5-year Capital Improvement Program
      • Develop 10-year and 20-year Capital Improvement Programs responsive to General Plan growth issues and revenue estimates
      • Develop Quality Control/Quality Assurance Program
      • Augment staff as needed with consultant resources
      • Partner with Developers for delivery of transportation projects
      • Develop a “shelf-list” of projects to take advantage of new revenues

BlueStarImprove performance of existing highway system.

      • Improve pavement condition scores
      • Increase the annual delivery of chip seals, overlays, and brushing/ditching
      • Reduce accident rates
      • Respond timely to complaints

BlueStarImplement Performance Based Budgeting so that resource utilization (budgets) can be measured against performance expectations.

      • Implement quantifiable performance measures
      • Implement tie between resources and performance measures

BlueStarDevelop staff so that customer service is a focus and teamwork is a way of life.

      • Complete MOU to define roles and responsibilities between Development Services Department and DOT
      • Recruit high-caliber staff
      • Implement comprehensive employee training program
      • Implement employee recognition program