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Mosquito Bridge Public Workshop Saturday, January 26
Standing Room Only at MFPD Station 75

Public Workshop 01-26-2013 Photo 1The Mosquito Fire Protection District Station 75 on Rock Creek Road was packed with over 200 local residents on the foggy afternoon of Saturday, January 26. Members of the Mosquito and Swansboro communities were there to hear a presentation on the Mosquito Bridge by staff from the Transportation Division of the El Dorado County Community Development Agency.

The 45-minute presentation included an overview of a study that was completed in 1993 which evaluated five alternatives for replacement of the existing one-lane timber suspension bridge. The County is in the process of hiring a consultant to assist the County in updating the study which will include recommendations for the preferred alternative.

Special thanks to the Mosquito Fire Protection District for hosting this public workshop at Station 75.  

 The County would also like to thank Lynda Lima of the Swansboro Country Property Owners Association for including the workshop flyer in its annual membership mailing and Sharon Hern for including the workshop notice in the Mosquito Byte.

Opportunities for public input on the alternatives considered, evaluation criteria, and the draft study update will be provided throughout the planning process.

image of workshop participants