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How do I Obtain a Permit?

Note: Zoning Ordinance regulations may apply.  Please check Parcel Data at to determine flood zone status (Zones A, A1-A-9, A14, A24, B, or AE).  If in a flood zone, new regulations require evidence that the project is at or above the Base Flood Elevation (BFE).  Please contact Planning Services at 530-621-5355 for further information.

The information located on these pages will help you through the permit application process. Application submittal checklists for plan review can be found in Handouts/Checklists.

Agricultural Barns - Buildings used for agricultural purposes in zoning for agriculture.

Electric Vehicle (EV) Charging Stations, executed ordinance 5165 AB 1236  **NEW**

Grading - Information on grading your property in preparation to building one of the above structures

Miscellaneous General Trade (Non-Structural) - Miscellaneous permit such as plumbing, electrical, mechanical, solar panels, re-roofing and other non-structural work being done.

Mobile/Manufactured Homes - Includes older mobile homes

Non-Residential and Residential Multi-Family Buildings (Commercial)- "commercial buildings" and living units such as apartments or condominiums

Residential - Single Family Dwelling (SFD)

Residential Accessory Structures - Small out buildings associated with a Single Family Dwelling (SFD) greater than 120 square feet.

Residential Additions- Additions to a single family dwelling

Residential Garages - Garages not attached to a Single Family Dwelling (SFD)

Accessory Dwelling Units - ADU, Granny Flats, In-Law Quarters


Information is exclusive of the Tahoe Basin. Special Conditions apply to the Tahoe Basin.