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The Permit Application is required for all building permit submittals.

Permit Application Part 4 is required if you are applying as an owner-builder. Please review the description of owner-builders for very important legal information. 

Permit Application Part 5 is required if a licensed contractor wishes to authorize an employee to act on his behalf for applying and signing for permit applications only. Please read and only a licensed contractor may sign the form at the bottom. Current license and insurance status will be verified on the Contractors State License Board website.

Revision Application

If applying for a new structure, addition, or alteration and you will be using the California Title 24 Certificate of Compliance "prescriptive method" for calculations, visit the CEC website for residential forms or nonresidential forms needed with the permit application.

Contact an energy consultant for the Certificate of Compliance if the performance approach is utilized for compliance and produced by CEC-approved Performance ACM software. 

Owner-Builders Online Supplemental Application

Contractors Online Supplemental Application

Permit Application Part 9  Required for residential re-roof applications.

Permit Application Part 9C  Required for non-residential re-roof applications.

Permit Application Part 12  Lake Tahoe Allocation List Application

Temporary Recreational Vehicle Application

TRPA Site Assessment Application Form

Removal from TRPA Allocation Waiting List, Part 12R

Permit Application Part 13  2016 CF1R-Alt-04-E   ALTERATIONS - HVAC (Climate Zone 12)

Permit Application Part 13A  2016 CF1R-Alt-03-E   ALTERATIONS - HVAC (Climate Zone 16)

Permit Application Part 14 TRPA Land Coverage Exemption

Permit Application Part 16 Temporary Mobile Home

Permit Application Part 16 (C) - Caldor Fire

Caldor Recreational Vehicle-Mobile Home Program Handout

Permit Application Part 16R Temporary Mobile Home Renewal

AB 2188 (2016) SFD Solar Central String Inverter Packet Expedited Residential Roof Mounted Solar System Permits 

AB 2188 (2016) SFD Solar Micro Inverter Packet Expedited Residential Roof Mounted Solar System Permits

Carbon Monoxide/ Smoke Alarm Installation Certificate

Plumbing Fixtures/ Fittings Compliance Certificate

Roof Verification Certificate

Shower Pan System Certification

Parcel Research Request

Code Enforcement Complaint Form 

Agreement of Payment of Processing Fees

Hydrant Flow Test Data Signature

Antifreeze Solutions - Determination of Use

Request to Withdraw a Permit


Fee Worksheets Commercial This form has been temporarily removed. Please contact Building Services for an estimate of your fees.

The information sheets may be printed on your printer or saved as a file (full Adobe Acrobat® needed) and printed at a later date. All documents with statements and policies pertain only to the County of El Dorado Building Services.

Small blue bullet Assessor's Builder's Exclusion [.pdf]
Completed new construction may be excluded from supplemental assessment under certain circumstances. The following application form is needed for the exclusion from supplemental assessment. Please see our residential permit page for exclusion information. Contact the Assessor's Office for any questions or additional information. 

Small blue bulletManufactured Home Recording Request   HCD FORM (433A)
Small blue bulletManufactured Home Assessors Notice    HCD FORM (433B)
All manufactured home installations require HCD forms 433A and B after the final inspection. The 433 A provides (HCD) notification from Building Services that a manufactured home or commercial modular structure has been installed on a foundation system on private property and has been approved for occupancy. HCD uses this information for the date it will no longer register the unit(s). The 433B notifies the Assessor's Office of this change.

Fees payable to the State of California Housing and Community Development (HCD) may be delayed due to the installation of the unit(s) and any check received at issuance may need the date updated before sending to HCD.

Small blue bullet Alternative Materials Request The use of alternate materials, design methods of construction must be approved by the Building Official prior to construction. It is the responsibility of the permit applicant to provide supporting documentation demonstrating that the alternate is at least the equivalent of that prescribed in the code and shall consist of valid research reports from approved sources. Read the instructions in the cover letter then complete the alternate materials, design or methods of construction request form and forward it to the Building Official at Building Services.