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Master Plan Program 


A master plan is essentially a "cookie cutter" plan that will be built repetitively. The Master Plan Program establishes a site-specific building design approval protocol that is predictable and dependable for an unlimited number of building permits in the current 3-year code cycle. You can achieve standardization and consistency in the construction process and the time spent during the site-specific application is reduced drastically with consistent submittals. The program is limited to licensed contractors with a current California State Contractors license and a current El Dorado County business license.

Master plans cannot be bought, traded, or transferred from one contractor/developer or jurisdiction to another.

The Master Plan Program consists of two parts; the master plan and the site-specific application. A construction plan is submitted and reviewed for code requirements and once approved, assigned a specific master plan number for future reference. The site-specific application is the submittal of a particular master plan on an individual parcel. 

The Master Plan Program is not limited to large subdivisions. If you plan to use the same building design on different parcels throughout the county the program will work for you.



  • All plans must be submitted with left and right-hand orientation.
  • Elevations are limited to a total of four.
  • The plan is limited to three different garage footprints (typically 3-car, 4-car, and side-load garage options). The living space footprint cannot be altered.
  • A single foundation plan is required to accommodate any approved elevation or approved option within that particular plan. The foundation must be built to this worst-case specification.
  • Structural revisions to the plan are not permitted (i.e.: footings, bearing walls, shear walls, window locations, or roof layout). Such a plan would require submittal as a separate master plan or could be submitted as a custom home (still handled by our master plan staff for continuity).
  • Non-structural revisions are permitted. Generally, only a revised floor plan would need to be submitted (no options shown). However, if a gas appliance was added or relocated, a revised gas-piping plan would also be required.
  • Field revisions are discouraged, but if the scope is limited, they may be accepted due to the nature of the industry. However, continued and/or excessive revisions to master plans will cause our department to evaluate the builder's status within the program, and whether both parties would be better served by the builder using the mainline permit system for future submissions.

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In order for the plan review process to begin the following items must be submitted:

  • Complete a "Master Plan Submittal" form
  • Submit a square-footage summary of the plan variations using the “Master Plan Summary"
  • One complete set of construction plans.
  • Structural calculations and applicable plan pages must be wet-stamped and signed by the Engineer or Architect of Record. Note that construction drawings and related submittals by design professionals must acknowledge the repeated use of their work.
  • Truss specifications must be wet-stamped by the truss engineer. The project engineer (Engineer of Record) must also review, stamp, and sign the truss layout sheet for compatibility with the building design.
  • A truss layout sheet per elevation (compatible with the roof plan).
  • Energy calculations for all orientations. Design must meet the worst-case scenario.
  • Left and right-hand plans (so the building can be reversed). Applies to all structural pages (i.e.: foundation, floor framing, shear walls, roof framing). Also, provide a reversed floor plan.
  • Shear wall schedule on the same sheet(s) as shear layout where practicable.
  • Gas piping plan showing pipe length, size, and input BTU demand of each appliance. Specify the type of fuel.
  • Electrical/mechanical plan.
  • Electronic copies can be reviewed by Plan Checker before printing.

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Submitting a site-specific application to obtain a permit

  • Submit a completed permit application with the master plan number in the description of work, plan number, elevation, and square footage summary. Include bedroom count on the application.
  • Submit 2 copies of an 8-1/2” x 14” site plan drawn to a 1:20 scale (1:30 may be used for lots too big to fit the page drawn at 1:20).
  • Submit 3 copies of the site-specific floor plan (verify left or right hand, and only show options that apply).
  • Submit 2 copies of the exterior elevation drawings.  Orientation is not required.
  • Submit a check for the application fee, with a list of the lot numbers you are applying for and the fee amount per lot (see attached fee schedule).
  • Review the attached checklist.

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