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Invasive Weeds

The El Dorado County Noxious Weed Group (NWMG) was begun in 1998 as a coordinated approach to identify sites, develop responses and educate the public in more effectively reducing or eliminating noxious weed infestations. A Memorandum of Understanding was signed by 20 area organizations, businesses and agencies in an effort to coordinate weed work and education throughout the county.

NWMG Memorandum of Understanding

Integrated, invasive weed management programs include:

  • Yellow Starthistle (YST) and Scotch Broom Control "How To" Workshops
  • Weed Identification Brochure specific to El Dorado County
  • Yellow Starthistle "Pest Notes" - which includes the latest information on the best ways to control YST
  • An educational display regarding weed control and weed identification for use at fairs and festivals
  • An advisor is available to meet with property owners to discuss YST control on-site
  • Tall Whitetop eradication project in the Lake Tahoe Basin and along Highway 50
  • Yellow Starthistle mapping in the Sierras to determine the eastern leading edge of the infestation and eradication of small leading edge and other populations
  • Rental of spray equipment and weed wrenches (to remove woody stemmed plants, i.e., Scotch broom)  

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