Pesticide Monitoring

The El Dorado County Department of Agriculture conducts the Pesticide Monitoring Program in cooperation with the California Department of Pesticide Regulation. Pesticide use is monitored to protect public health, the environment and to insure worker safety. Department staff enforces state regulations, issue use permits, compile use data and investigate complaints. Education concerning the safe use of pesticides is also an integral part of the program.

Appointments for pesticide permits can be made by calling: 530-621-5520

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    Filling out an online Monthly Summary
    Filling out an online Pesticide Use Report
    Filling out an online Notice of Intent
    Navigating the online permit system
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Notice of Intent Reporting Phone Number
(530) 621-7418
24-Hour Notice of Intent Form [.pdf]

Pesticide Permit Classes

These classes are designed for growers and land owners who wish to obtain a restricted materials permit. You must attend one of these classes in order to become a "certified" private applicator (only certified private applicators are eligible for a restricted materials permit). To schedule a time, please call our office OR click on the "on-line appointment" link on the left side of the page.

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Pesticide Forms:  

Structural Pest Control Business Registration Form[.pdf]
Branch I - Structural Fumigation Registration Form[.pdf]
Application for Pest Control Equipment Registration[.pdf]
Pest Control Advisor Registration Form
Pest Control Business Registration Form
Property Owner Authorization Form for Pesticide Applications by a Non-Owner Representative

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