General Contact Number: (530) 621-5567

Treasurer-Tax Collector

All About Your Property Taxes

Who to Contact

Assessor - (530) 621-5719

South Lake Tahoe - (530) 573-3422

Change of Address
Assessed Value
Incorrect Name
Homeowner’s Exemption
Veteran’s Exemption
Personal Property
Incorrect Location or Legal Description

Auditor - (530) 621-5470

Direct Charges on Tax Bills 
Tax Rate
Refunds on Supplemental Assessments
Apportionment of Taxes
Assessment Valuation by Agency / District
Tax Sale Excess Proceeds

Recorder-Clerk - (530) 621-5490

South Lake Tahoe - (530) 573-3408

Name Change
Re-record Deed
Affidavit Death of Joint Tenant
Decree of Distribution
Notice of Location / Mining Claim

El Dorado County Building Safety Services

Placerville (530) 621-5315
South Lake Tahoe (530) 573-3330

Building Permits
Building Inspections
Building Codes and Policies

El Dorado County Surveyor

Placerville (530) 621-5440

Boundary Line Adjustments
Parcel Maps

California Department of Housing and Community Development (HCD)


Mobile home transfers

Tax Collector - (530) 621-5800

South Lake Tahoe - (530) 573-7955 (x 5800)

Tax Amount Due
Delinquent Amounts Due
Senior Assistance/Postponement
Business License
Transient Occupancy Taxes