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Treasurer-Tax Collector

Business License

Steps Necessary for a Business License

To avoid delays in the issuance of your business license, please follow the APPLICATION STEPS below. Please note: Steps 3 through 6 require various departments to sign off in the appropriate boxes on the application before it is returned to the Tax Collector's office for processing and final issuance of the license.

Step 1

TAX COLLECTOR'S OFFICE - (530) 621-5800

Start by obtaining a business license application package. Print each of the following documents (each link goes to the appropriate page):

1) Application (.pdf file)
2) Business License Application Steps (you are here)
3) Business License Information
4) Map for Placerville or South Lake Tahoe. The map will show each of the departments that must, if applicable, sign off on the application. OR Contact the Tax Collector's Office in Placerville at (530) 621-5800.

Complete the requested name and ownership information.

Note: Steps 3 through 7 below, if applicable, require the applicant to go to the department in person.

Step 2
ASSESSOR'S OFFICE - (530) 621-5719 (Placerville) or (530) 573-3422 (So. Lake Tahoe)

Contact the Assessor's office for your assessor's parcel number (APN) for the business property address.

Write the APN on your application in the space provided.

Step 3 
Planning and Building Department - (530) 621-5355 (Placerville) or (530) 573-3300 (South Lake Tahoe) 

All business license applications (except home based business applications) must be signed off by the Planning and Building Department. Planning and Building will determine the zoning of your business.

For office hours, please call (530) 621-5355 or (530) 573-3300 or visit the website at

Step 4 
Environmental Management - (530) 621-5300 (Placerville) or (530) 573-3450 (South Lake Tahoe)

The following businesses require Environmental Management Department sign-off and may require a separate Environmental Health permit or registration:

  • Restaurants, businesses handling food (including prepackaged foods), and Cottage Food Operations.

  • Auto Repair shops, gas stations, pool suppliers, collectors and/or storage of hazardous waste, please refer to

Step 5

Businesses operating in a commercial or industrial zone require local fire department approval. Call your local fire department to determine which fire station should sign off your application.

Step 6
SHERIFF'S DEPARTMENT - (530) 621-5703 (Placerville) or (530) 573-3000 (So. Lake Tahoe)

Required for itinerant businesses and other Special Business Licenses only. Click here for further information on Special Businesses.

Appointment necessary

Step 7
RECORDER'S OFFICE - (530) 621-5490 (Placerville) or (530) 573-3408 (So. Lake Tahoe)

If you do not use your last name in the name of your business, you must file for a fictitious business name.

Step 8

Return your completed business license application with $46.00 (or the appropriate amount for special licenses) to the Tax Collector's office.

Make checks payable to:
K. E. Coleman, MBA | M. ACC. 
Treasurer/Tax Collector
360 Fair Lane
Placerville, CA 95667-4197

When the completed application and the appropriate fee are received, your business license will be sent to the mailing address on the application within 7 working days.