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Business License

General Business License Information



It is unlawful for any person to transact any kind of business in the unincorporated territory of the County without possessing an unexpired and unrevoked county business license unless the business is exempt from the license requirements.


Business licenses must be renewed annually. A renewal notice will be mailed to you in the month prior to your renewal date.


Effective January 1, 2018, the annual general business license fee is $46.00.  This includes a $4.00 state imposed fee.  For certain businesses such as secondhand dealers, pawnbrokers, fortunetelling, and carnivals, the annual license fee is $140.00, plus the $4.00 state fee.  For Christmas Tree lots the annual license fee is $20.00 plus the $4.00 state fee.  El Dorado County business license fees are waived for all United States armed services veterans who provide proof of honorable discharge or release from active duty under honorable conditions.  A copy of DD Form 214 is acceptable proof of military service.  Please note, the $4.00 state fee applies to veterans.


A State Contractor's License is required. The name on the business license application must match exactly the name on the State Contractor's License. This information will be verified by Tax Collector personnel.


Vacation Home Rentals begin the licensing process with the Planning Department. For any short term rentals that are not houses, an Application for a Transient Occupancy Tax Certificate Registration is required to be submitted with the Business License Application.


The following businesses are exempt:

A: Agriculture. Includes the sale of agricultural products upon the premises where produced.

B: Employment. A person who works for another at an agreed rate of compensation.

C: Insurance, farmers, charities, religious, fraternal, service and nonprofit organizations.


A separate license and application is required for each physical business location. Only one license is required if a combination of two or more kinds of businesses are operated at the same fixed place of business by the same person. A separate business license is required for each individual engaged in any itinerant business even though any two or more of the individuals are employed by the same person or are associated together in the same business.


Applications to sell firearms must be accompanied by copies of all of the following: a) valid Federal firearms license, b) valid California seller's permit, and c) certificate of eligibility from the Department of Justice. 


The below announcement concerning Compliance with State and Federal Law is required by California Government Code Section 4467(a).

Under federal and state law, compliance with disability access laws is a serious and significant responsibility that applies to all California building owners and tenants with buildings open to the public. You may obtain information about your legal obligations and how to comply with disability access laws at the following agencies:

The Division of State and Architect at 

The Department of Rehabilitation at

The California Commission on Disability Access at

NOTE 1: The approved application is not a license to conduct business activities. Once issued, the business license must be exhibited in a conspicuous place. Each solicitor must have an individual license in his/her possession at all times.

NOTE 2: Businesses located in the City of Placerville (Phone: (530) 642-5223) and/or the City of South Lake Tahoe (Phone: (530) 542-6012) are required to obtain a separate business license for those jurisdictions.

Businesses located within the City of Placerville and/or the City of South Lake Tahoe that deliver products to or perform services at locations in the unincorporated areas of the county must obtain an El Dorado County Business License.