The Meyers Vision

image of Meyers logoMeyers is an ideally situated spacious and walkable mountain community that values sustainability, health, well-being, and the natural environment. Uniquely concentrated with year-round outdoor sport and recreational opportunities, the Meyers mountain culture is the hallmark of our thriving local-based economy, boasting a diverse commercial and retail environment, welcoming visitors, and providing residents with an extraordinary place to live, work, and play. All residents and businesses in the unincorporated area of El Dorado County on the South Shore are invited to actively participate in the realization of this vision.


What is the Meyers Area Plan?

The Meyers Area Plan is the comprehensive long-term plan for the Meyers Community. It seeks to achieve the Meyers vision and recognizes Meyers’ unique characteristics. The Meyers Advisory Council (MAC) worked closely with El Dorado County, the Tahoe Regional Planning Agency (TRPA), and the public to update the existing Meyers Community Plan and convert it into the Meyers Area Plan.

Meyers Area Plan Documents

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Archived Meyers Advisory Council Meetings

​Meeting Agenda

​Meeting Minutes