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Tahoe Planning & Stormwater Management

Stormwater Quality Improvement Committee (SWQIC)​

SWQIC was formed to identify and solve the challenges associated with implementation of water quality improvement projects, and to facilitate the design, delivery, and effectiveness of stormwater quality improvement efforts to achieve Lake Tahoe clarity goals. SWQIC has expanded its focus from individual project delivery to a more holistic approach that better supports Storm Water Programs in effectively meeting the clarity goals for Lake Tahoe.

SWQIC provides insight on long-term strategies in support of legislative mandates and funding directives.  As a standing committee, SWQIC facilitates discussions regarding challenges, successes, and lessons learned with respect to work associated with Environmental Improvement Program (EIP) water quality projects which has proven valuable in coordinating efforts to successfully meet Lake clarity goals.

SWQIC Charter 



Dan Kikkert (co-chair) 
Andrea Buxton (co-chair)