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The 4 S's - Sanitation, Spills, Sedimentation, and Safety

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Eradicate the "White Flower"

Image of the Yellow BandanaWhat is a White Flower

It's the toilet paper you leave behind. You should use a Wag Bag.

What is a Wag Bag

A safe, eco-friendly human waste disposal system

Why use a Wag Bag

The chemical renders fecal matter inert. The Bag itself will decompose completely in a season.

How do I use a Wag Bag

Pee & poo in the bag. Add the chemical provided. Tie it shut.

Where do I dispose of a Wag Bag

Drop the bag in any trash bin, not into toilets or outhouses.

Learn more about Wag Bags


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Get it right for the long haul.

Clean up mess & then some

Don't leave "white flowers"

Use & pack-out Wag Bags

No Wag Bags in toilets

Pack out all Trash

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Every Last Drop, Leave no trace...

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Perform pre-trip maintenance

Check your vehicle often for leaks

Carry and use a spill clean-up kit

Use a spotter

Stop every leak

Use hazardous waste sheds

If it leaks, leave it at home

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Keep your rubber on the rocks

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Stay on designated routes

Look for trail markers

Never drive through meadows

Straddle ruts, gullies and washouts

Cross streams at designated points

Minimize wheel spin

Never drive over vegetation

Be patient at hold ups

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Buckle Up and Tie Down


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Buckle up - State laws apply

Help a wheeler in need

Carry or locate a HAM radio

Don't shoot in camps or along trails

Yield to bikers, hikers and equine

Drink responsibly

Use a spotter

Fire restrictions are in effect