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Health Benefits

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Part of the County’s commitment to you is a comprehensive, flexible benefits program that allows you to choose the coverage that meets your needs.
As you browse this site, you will learn about the options available to you and your family. We encourage you to read all of the material available to you, and ask questions of our Human Resources staff in order to make the enrollment decisions that meet your needs. 

Eligibility and Enrollment

Provides information on who is eligible for benefits and when that eligibility begins. Also lists the requirements that a dependent must meet to be eligible to be on your plan. 

Changes to Your Benefits

Provides information on when you are eligible to make changes to your benefits such as adding coverage/dependent, dropping coverage/dependent, or switching plans. Also explains when your benefits terminate. 

Forms and Documents

Includes the instructions you will need to enroll in one of the County health plans, add/drop dependents, or drop coverage. You can also find the Benefit Resource Guide, which contains a brief overview of all of you benefits, here. 

Health Plan Information

Federally required SBC, Vendor Plan Documents, and Summary of Benefits for all vendors.

Health Plan Rates

Includes rates for full-time and part-time active employees, as well as rates for retirees, COBRA continuation participants, OE3 health plan participants, and Outside Agencies.  

Vendor Links

A list of links to participating health benefit vendors. Use their websites to locate a participating healthcare provider, look up eligibility, etc.

Health Care Mobile Apps

An app for digital revolution in healthcare? Why not.
Mobile apps provide on-the-go access that is easy and simple to use.

For assistance with your health benefits, contact Human Resources at:

(530) 621-7525 or