Life Insurance

SunLife logoEffective July 1, 2010 El Dorado County is pleased to announce a new Life Insurance carrier – Sun Life. Click here to complete an updated beneficiary form for 2010 and return to Risk Management.    

Basic Group Life Insurance
All eligible County employees are covered by a group life insurance policy effective their date of hire.

Basic Life Coverage:
Class 1: Elected Officials, Unrepresented Department Heads, and Executive Management Employees (EL, UD)
Class 2: Management employees and attorneys who receive Management Benefits
Class 3: Confidential employees
Class 4: General employees (CR, GE, PL, SU, PR, and TC)

Basic Life and AD&D benefits are reduced to 65% at age 70 and to 50% at age 75. Coverage is discontinued at termination of employment or retirement.

Please complete and update a beneficiary form for 2010.

Basic Life Beneficiary Form     

Optional Life Insurance In addition, our new Life Insurance carrier is offering a one time opportunity to purchase additional life insurance at a reduced price. This benefit is now available to all permanent employees including Local 1 and OE3 members. Personalized optional life enrollment forms are available at the health fair or complete an online form.

Optional Life Enrollment Form

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