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Employee Benefits

Basic Life Insurance and AD&D

Eligible County employees automatically receive Basic Life and Accidental Death and Dismemberment (AD&D) Insurance coverage at no cost.

Class 1 Elected Officials and Unrepresented Department Heads (Units EL and UD)
Class 2 Management employees and attorneys who receive Management benefits
Class 3 Confidential Employees
Class 4 Employees in Units CR, GE, PL, SU, PR and TC
Benefits (for both Life and AD&D) Class 1—$60,000
Class 2—$40,000
Class 3—$30,000
Class 4—$20,000
Benefit Reduction At age 70, 65% of original benefit At age 75, 50% of original benefit (Terminates at retirement)

The Internal Revenue Code requires that premiums for basic life insurance in excess of $50,000 will be included as taxable income at the close of each tax year. This may impact your tax status. You may wish to check with your tax advisor if you are concerned.

Please be sure to log into the Workterra online benefit website to designate your beneficiary. You may change this designation at any time by simply logging back into Workterra and assigning somebody new. Login instructions can be found in the health benefits section.

For assistance with your life insurance, contact Human Resources at:
(530) 621-7525 or