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Employee Benefits

Voluntary Life and AD&D

Eligible County employees in all bargaining units have the option to purchase additional life insurance for themselves, their spouse or their dependent child/ren. The premium amount will be automatically deducted from your paycheck.

To purchase voluntary life and AD&D, you must enroll within 31 days of your hire date.

Employee Benefits
Maximum $500,000
Election Options Increments of $10,000
Minimum $10,000
Guaranteed Issue Amount
(for initial offering)
Spouse Benefits
Maximum $500,000
Election Options Increments of $10,000
Minimum $10,000
Guaranteed Issue Amount $50,000
Dependent Child(ren) Benefits
Child(ren) between live birth  to age 21 (to 25 if FT Student) $10,000
Guaranteed Issue Amount $10,000
Benefits Reduction
Employee At age 70, 65% of original benefit
At age 75, 50% of original benefit
Accelerated Death Benefit 75% of Life benefit before age 65
subject to a maximum of $500,000 if life expectancy is 6 months or less

 If you do not enroll in voluntary life and AD&D within 31 days of your hire date, you will have to wait until Open Enrollment in October. Any amounts selected at that time will be subject to underwriting.

Voluntary Life Rate Sheet
Use this chart to determine your monthly premium.

How to Enroll
Log into Workterra, the County’s online website and make your selections. Directions on how to access the website can be found in the health benefits section.

If you are electing more than the guaranteed amount, or if you are electing new or increased coverage at Open Enrollment, please be sure to complete the Evidence of Insurability on Lincoln Financial's website. Directions will pop up once you have requested your amount. Failure to complete this step will result in denial of requested amounts.

For assistance with your life insurance, contact Human Resources at:

(530) 621-7525 or