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Risk Management

Long Term Disability

With the exception of employees represented by the Deputy Sheriff’s Association (who have their own plan), all County employees regularly scheduled to work 60 or more hours per bi-weekly pay period are covered by a Long-Term Disability (LTD) insurance policy.

LTD coverage provides wage loss protection for County employees in the event of prolonged disability. It is paid for by the County. 

Summary of benefits provided to non-management employees
Confidential (CO), Corrections (CR), General (GE), Professional (PL), Supervisory (SU), Probation (PR) and Trades and Crafts (TC) 

Summary of benefits provided to management employees
Elected Officials (EL), Unrepresented Department Heads (UD), Represented Management (MA), Unrepresented Management (UM), Deputy County Counsel (CC) and Criminal Attorneys (CA) 

For assistance with LTD insurance, contact Human Resources at:  

(530) 621-7525 or