CalPERS Disability Retirement

If an employee becomes disabled from work, he or she may be eligible for a monthly retirement allowance from CalPERS. CalPERS criteria for disability retirement requires a competent medical determination that the incapacity to work is permanent, long term, or of uncertain duration.    


Who is eligible? 

An employee, with 5 years of CalPERS service, may apply for disability retirement regardless of age at the time of disability. An industrial disability retirement is available for members of the safety classification regardless of service time or age.


How do I request benefits?

An employee, or the employer, may complete the disability retirement application packet when the inability to work is expected to be permanent or last longer than six months. The application forms may be obtained by contacting CalPERS at (888) 225-7377 or from their website:

Once an application has been filed, CalPERS will evaluate the medical information and apply their criteria to determine eligibility. This may include analysis of the existing medical records and an independent medical evaluation arranged by CalPERS.

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For assistance with disability management, contact:  
Lavleen Cheema, Risk Analyst or