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Risk Management

Benefit Forms and Documents

Forms must be returned to Human Resources no later than 45 days from the date of the event you are completing the form for. 

Workterra Login Instructions
Workterra is the online benefit program that the County utilizes to administer your health, life, and EAP benefits. These are printable instructions on how to access this program.

If you are an OE3 health plan member who is retiring, please complete this packet as well. 

Termination of El Dorado County Retiree or COBRA Health Benefits
Retirees and COBRA continuation participants can use this form to drop your EAP coverage, drop dental coverage (if you are a retiree), drop a dependent, or drop coverage. 

Benefit Resource Guide
A printable overview of all County employee benefits. Please keep in mind that this is only a summary, and that in case of conflict between this Guide and the official governing documents for each of the programs, the official documents will always govern. 

OE3 Enrollment Change Form
This form is for employees in OE3 bargaining units (CR, PR and TC) who wish to enroll in or make changes to their OE3 Health Trust benefit plan.  Forms should be returned to Human Resources/Risk Management.

Retiree Health Benefit Contribution Document
This is the official plan document the governs the Retiree Health Benefit Contribution program.  Eligibility for this program is defined in the employee's MOU or Salary and Benefits Resolution.

For assistance with your health benefits, contact Human Resources at:
(530) 621-7525 or