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Employee Benefits

Benefit Summaries by Bargaining Unit

To identify which classifications belong to which bargaining units, view our salary schedule by clicking here. The following benefit summaries provide a detailed listing of the employer paid benefits provided to employees. Please note that these summaries do not include special pays/incentives such as uniform allowance, educational incentives, etc. Special pays/incentives will be listed in the applicable memorandum of understanding (MOU). Click here to view all of our MOUs.


​Bargaining Unit

​County Employee Benefit Summary

​Public Employees, Local #1

​ ​
​General (GE)GE Benefit Summary
​Professional (PL)​PL Benefit Summary
​Supervisory (SU)​SU Benefit Summary

​Operating Engineers, Local #3

​Corrections (CR)​CR Benefit Summary
​Trades and Crafts TC)TC Benefit Summary 

​El Dorado County Probation Officers Association (PR) ​

​PR Benefit Summary

​El Dorado County Deputy Sheriff’s Association, Law Enforcement Unit (SA)

​SA Benefit Summary

​El Dorado County Law Enforcement Management Association (SM)

SM Benefit Summary

​El Dorado County Criminal Attorney’s Association (CA)

CA Benefit Summary​

​El Dorado County Managers’ Association (MA)

MA Benefit Summary​

​Unrepresented Employees

​ ​
​Confidential (CO)
​CO Benefit Summary

​Elected (EL)

​EL Benefit Summary

​Unrepresented Department Head (UD)

UD Benefit Summary
​Unrepresented Management (UM)UM Benefit Summary
​Board of Supervisors (BD)
​BD Benefit Summary