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Be Winter Wise When You Travel

Travel might be on your agenda over the next few months, whether it’s skiing at Tahoe or heading to grandma’s house in Reno for the holidays. Arrive safely at your destination by following these recommendations:

  • Before you go, visit for the latest in road conditions, weather forecast, chain requirements and incident information.
  • ‘Winterize’ your vehicle’s disaster supplies kit. In addition to basic vehicle safety items, keep a first aid kit and emergency supplies. Include a windshield scraper and snow brush, salt, sand, shovel, tire chains, warm clothing, and sturdy shoes.
  • Tell your family, a friend or neighbor your destination, route, and when you expect to arrive. Check in when you’ve reached your destination.
  • Don’t use cruise control in wet, icy or snowy weather.
  • Keep your car’s gas tank full for emergency use.
  • Remember your pets.