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Emergency Preparedness and Response

National Preparedness Month 

Week Three: Know How to Build an Emergency KitNPM Logo

Emergencies can strike quickly and without warning.  You and/or your family may not be at home when an emergency happens. 
You can ensure your own safety and the safety of your family and pets by preparing in advance for emergencies and disasters.

Preparing an emergency supplies kit can feel overwhelming at first, but is one step towards ensuring your family and pets are prepared.  You probably have many of the supplies you need in your home already, so it is just a matter of putting them all in one place.

Emergency kits should contain basic supplies, such as: food, water, medical supplies and prescription medications, clothing, hygiene supplies, and sleeping gear.  For a basic checklist click here.  

When creating your emergency kits, remember to include: 

You should also consider keeping emergency supplies: 

  • At work
  • In your car
  • With your child – ask your child’s teacher or daycare providers about emergency supplies they recommend in the classroom.

For more information on emergency preparedness, visit the “Be Prepared” section of our website.  You can also visit FEMA’s Ready campaign website –