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Emergency Preparedness and Response

National Preparedness Month 

Week One: How to Reconnect with Family After a Disaster 

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Emergencies can strike quickly and without warning.  You and/or your family may not be at home when an emergency happens. 
You can ensure your own safety and the safety of your family and pets by preparing in advance for emergencies and disasters.

Develop a Family Communications Plan that includes:

Important emergency numbers and information.

Be sure to identify an out-of-town contact.

Teach everyone in your family how to text message.  Text messages often get through when phone lines are jammed.

Know where you can get information and sign up for emergency alerts.

Develop an Evacuation and Reunification Plan that includes:

Two or more ways to evacuate your home, neighborhood, work location

At least two reunification locations to meet back up with family if you are separated.

Practice evacuating and reunifying in various conditions (e.g. at night, in the rain or snow).

Include a plan for pets and/or large animals.  Contact El Dorado County Animal Services for information on pet and large animal evacuation.

Practice with your friends, family, neighbors and pets!


Create your evacuation and emergency communication plans and have peace of mind when a disaster strikes.

Family Communication Plan
Commuter Emergency Plan