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Vital Statistics

Birth Certificates - Frequently Asked Questions

How do I register an out-of-hospital Birth? 

Although, by law, you must register the birth of your child within 10 days of the birth, you have up to one year to register the birth at the El Dorado County Office of Vital Statistics. Any birth registered on or after the child’s first birthday must be processed by the State Office of Vital Records as a Delayed Registration of Birth.

To register the birth at the El Dorado County Office of Vital Statistics, please call to make an appointment at (530) 621-6121. The mother and child must be present during the appointment. The following documents are required to be presented at the appointment:

  • Proof of Identify (California driver’s license or California ID Card)
  • Proof of Pregnancy (certification from a doctor or licensed nurse-midwife)
  • Proof of Birthplace of Child (utility bill showing name of parent, with home address for the month of the birth)
  • Completed Worksheet and Affidavit for Out-of-Hospital Births

If the mother is not married, can the father’s name be listed on the birth certificate?

If the mother is married, then the father’s name will appear on the birth certificate. If the mother is not married, the father’s name can still appear on the birth certificate if a Declaration of Paternity stating that the man is the natural father of the child must be signed by both parents. After both parents sign the declaration and it is filed with the State Office of Vital Records, it legally establishes a parent-child relationship between the father and the child. Once established, the father will have the legal right and financial responsibilities of a parent under California law. Signing this form will give the father parental rights to seek custody or visitation, in a court action, and to be consulted about the possible adoption of the child.

A Declaration of Paternity form can be obtained from the El Dorado County Office of Vital Statistics.

If there is a mistake on my child’s birth certificate, how do I get it corrected?

If the hospital made an error on your child’s birth certificate, contact the hospital to obtain an amendment (a fee may be required by the State if the amendment is not filed within one year of the birth). The amendment, which must be filed with the State, may take up to 7 months to be issued. To change a name on the birth certificate that is not a hospital error may require a court order -- please contact the State Office of Vital Records. 

If we have not answered your questions, please feel free to call for further information: (530) 621-6121.