Public Health

Kristine Oase Guth

(530) 621-7582

Are you prepared for the next disaster? From extreme weather to wildland fire, El Dorado County faces numerous potential risks. A community forum focused on family emergency preparedness will be held on Wednesday, October 21, 2015, from 6:00 p.m. to 8:30 p.m. at Gold Trail Grange No. 452, located at 319 Highway 49 in Coloma. The forum is open to the general community and offered free of charge.

The event is sponsored by El Dorado County District IV Supervisor Michael Ranalli, the Coloma-Lotus Fire Safe Council and the Gold Trail Grange.  Presenters include the El Dorado County (EDC) Health and Human Services Agency's Animal Services and Public Health Preparedness and Response units, the EDC Sheriff's Office of Emergency Services and EDC Fire Protection District.

"Being prepared ahead of time helps build stronger, more resilient communities that can better deal with emergencies when they occur," said Kristine Oase Guth, Public Health Preparedness and Response Program Manager. "Residents attending the forum will be engaged in an interactive dialog, learn about the types of disasters that occur in El Dorado County and what to pack in emergency kits, develop a family communications plan, obtain information about how to include pets in emergency response, learn how to become involved in community readiness, and more."

For more information, please contact Public Health Preparedness and Response at (530) 621-7582.


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