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El Dorado County Animal Services currently has 48 horses for adoption. These horses are from the former Grace Foundation facility in El Dorado Hills. According to Alexis Shaw, Operations Manager of Animal Services, the horses are of various ages and breed. "These are beautiful animals," said Shaw. "Many are very friendly and enjoy being around people. But I do want to caution that some of the horses have special needs and many of the horses have not been ridden or trained, so they will need training in basic horsemanship. We recommend anyone considering adoption be an experienced horse person."

Animal Services has posted pictures and information about each of the horses on its website at adoption fee is $150 per horse. Individuals interested in adopting one of the horses are asked to make an appointment to view the horse and fill out an adoption form.  For information to schedule an appointment, or for further questions about the horses, please contact Animal Services at (530) 621-5795.

Animal Services first took protective custody and care of 90 horses and assorted livestock on November 20, 2014, due to the termination of Grace Foundation's lease by the landowner. A post seizure hearing on January 7, 2015, determined that Animal Services had reasonable cause to believe the animals were abandoned and it was necessary for Animal Services to retrieve the animals for their welfare. The hearing officer also found the owners of the animals were liable for the cost of the seizure and care; the owners had until January 27, 2015, to pay liens, demonstrate they could provide for the care of the animals and take possession of the animals. That deadline passed and none of the animals were claimed by the owners. Animal Services then began reaching out to local and national animal welfare groups, and others, to assist with placement and adoption of the animals. To date, 42 horses and all of the other livestock have been placed, or are in the process of being adopted. The remaining 48 horses are now available for adoption.

Animal Services continues to provide for the feed and care of the animals while adoptions are arranged. "We are very grateful for the help of volunteers and other individuals who have provided assistance to us since the horses came into our care," said Shaw. "Animal Services is also thankful for the landowner who has allowed the animals to remain on the property while in protective custody."

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