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El Dorado County Animal Services is pleased to announce it has completed the adoption process for all of the horses that came from the former Grace Foundation facility in El Dorado Hills. "We want to thank everyone in the community and all the volunteers who either adopted a horse or provided support to our agency through this process," said Don Ashton, Director of the El Dorado County Health and Human Services Agency, which includes Animal Services.

Animal Services took protective custody and care of 90 horses on November 20, 2014, after Grace Foundation's lease was terminated by the landowner. A hearing on January 7, 2015, found that Animal Services had reasonable cause to retrieve the animals for their welfare. The hearing officer found that the owners of the animals were liable for the cost of the seizure and care. The owners, who had until January 27, 2015, to pay liens and show they could provide care for the animals did not claim the animals.

Animal Services then began to diligently reach out to animal welfare groups to assist with placement and adoption of the animals. Homes were found for all 90 horses (either by adoption to members of the public or through horse rescue or sanctuary groups), except for six horses, which for medical reasons and through the recommendation of two independent veterinarians had to be humanely euthanized.

According to Ashton, the adoption process for the horses was extremely labor intensive, but rewarding. "Animal Services staff and our volunteers can be proud of their efforts. They worked very hard and did everything they could to ensure the horses were well cared for and found good homes," said Ashton. "I'd especially like to recognize Animal Services Operations Manager, Alexis Shaw, and Chief Henry Brzezinski for their leadership in the process. I'd also like to again thank the landowner who allowed the animals to remain on their property while we found homes for the horses."

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