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Don't Wait. Communicate. Make Your Emergency Plan Today. September is National Preparedness Month Kristine Oase Guth 530-621-7582 2015-09-14 Public Health

There is no better time to prepare for an emergency than the present. During National Preparedness Month, El Dorado County Health and Human Services Agency - Public Health Preparedness and Response reminds residents to make an emergency communications plan for themselves and their families. Planning ahead will help protect families, neighborhoods and communities when emergencies and disasters arise. 

"Being prepared is a shared responsibility in communities," said Michelle Patterson, Public Health Preparedness and Response Supervisor. "Emergencies will happen, so it's important for everyone to be proactive. Families should make a communications plan now to identify how they will connect with one another if they are not together when a disaster occurs." 

Three tips to developing emergency communications plans:

  • Understand How to Receive Emergency Alerts. Make sure you are enrolled in community notification systems; visit to register and learn about the El Dorado County Sheriff's Office of Emergency Services alert notification system.
  • Plan Ahead of Time. Plan with household members in advance so everyone knows what to do, how to communicate and where to go during and after an emergency. Remember to include pets in any plan!
  • Practice Your Plan. Have regular household meetings to review your emergency and communications plans and practice them, just like you would a fire drill.

For more information, please visit Public Health Preparedness, visit us on Facebook or and get started today.