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El Dorado County Animal Services is diligently looking for homes for the remaining 30 horses that came from the former Grace Foundation facility in El Dorado Hills. “We want to thank those who have stepped up to adopt the horses so far,” said Alexis Shaw, Operations Manager of Animal Services. “We are now down to only 30 horses out of the original 90. These are beautiful animals, deserving of a home.”

According to Shaw, many of the remaining horses have had limited training and will need a skilled horseperson to train them in basic horsemanship and riding; some are older horses that cannot be ridden and are more suited as pasture pets. About half of the remaining horses are too wild to be ridden and ideally need to be adopted by someone with extensive acreage or taken in by an animal sanctuary.

Animal Services has posted pictures and information about each of the horses on its website at Individuals interested in adoption are asked to make an appointment to view one or more of the horses and fill out an adoption form. To schedule an appointment, or for further information, please contact Animal Services at (530) 621-5795.

Animal Services first took protective custody and care of 90 horses on November 20, 2014, after Grace Foundation’s lease was terminated by the landowner. A post seizure hearing on January 7, 2015, determined that Animal Services had reasonable cause to retrieve the animals for their welfare. The hearing officer found that the owners of the animals were liable for the cost of the seizure and care. The owners, who had until January 27, 2015, to pay liens and show they could provide for the care of the animals ultimately did not claim the animals.

Animal Services then began reaching out to local and national animal welfare groups, and others, to assist with placement and adoption of the animals. Animal Services has greatly appreciated the community support they have received in the form of feed donations to help care for the horses while awaiting adoption.

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Horse 4

This is Rogue, a 16-year-old female Appaloosa, currently available
for adoption from El Dorado County Animal Services