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County's Emergency Medical Services (EMS) Agency and Public Health Preparedness Offices Move Margaret Williams (530) 642-7164 2013-12-13 Public Health

The Emergency Medical Services (EMS) Agency and Public Health Preparedness program of the El Dorado County Health and Human Services Agency have moved from 415 Placerville Drive to 2900 Fair Lane Court in Placerville (behind the County Library building).  The move, which occurred on December 13, 2013, is expected to save the County's general fund about $40,000 per year in lease costs. Office and staff telephone numbers will remain the same. 

According to Richard Todd, EMS Agency Administrator, community partners and stakeholders have been notified regarding the move.  The EMS Agency certifies and trains local paramedics and emergency medical technicians in El Dorado County, develops policies and procedures for emergency medical response in the field, and collaborates with local hospitals. The EMS Agency office also administers the County's Medical Marijuana Card program.  The EMS Agency may be reached at (530) 621-6500.

The Public Health Preparedness program works to prepare El Dorado County to effectively respond to public health threats by focusing on public health emergency planning, disease surveillance and control, health risk communication, and public and health provider education and training services.  Public Health Preparedness staff may be reached at (530) 621-7580.

For more information about the EMS Agency, Public Health Preparedness, or other programs of the Public Health Division of the Health and Human Services Agency, please visit:

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