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UPDATE - September 26, 2012
Due to a directive from the Federal Centers for Disease Control (CDC), El Dorado County Public Health can no longer offer Federally-provided vaccine to people who have private health insurance that covers vaccines. Therefore, our vaccinations described below are only for Medi-Cal eligible, uninsured and underinsured individuals.


The El Dorado County Health and Human Services Agency, Public Health Division, is now offering back-to-school immunizations for children. Public Health can provide all childhood vaccinations required for school entry, including those needed for kindergarten entry, and the Tdap vaccine which is required for incoming 7th graders and for those students in grades 8-12 who are transferring from another state or county. Public Health also offers vaccines recommended for students entering college.   

According to Cathy Dunbar, El Dorado County Immunization Coordinator, children entering pre-school or a childcare setting are required to have received one dose of the Hib vaccine on or after their first birthday.  The Hib vaccine protects against a particularly dangerous bacterial infection that mostly affects babies and children under age five, and can cause a severe form of pneumonia and bacterial meningitis. 

Parents who do not have a health care provider and wish to have their child vaccinated through a scheduled appointment at Public Health may call the Public Health Clinic at (530) 621-6100 in Placerville or  (530) 573-3155  in South Lake Tahoe. A $10 administrative fee is charged per shot at the Public Health Clinic buildings, though no child will be refused a vaccination due to an inability to pay. The Public Health Clinic buildings are located at 931 Spring Street in Placerville and 1360 Johnson Boulevard, Suite 103 in South Lake Tahoe. 

Public Health is also conducting a series of free, walk-in vaccination clinics for children at designated locations throughout El Dorado County. For a list of dates and locations of the free, walk-in vaccination clinics, visit or call the Public Health Clinic.



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