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Allison Lozoya

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Mama Cat 2(1)Baby Kitten
This mother cat and her two-week-old babies are among the three
litters at the El Dorado County Animal Services Shelter in Placerville
that are in need of temporary foster care.  Animal Services expects
to see more mama cats and their babies come into the shelter in
the next several months.

El Dorado County Animal Services is looking for caring local residents who can help provide temporary foster homes for new mother cats and their baby kittens over the next several weeks.  “Currently, we have three mother cats and their kittens at the shelter in Placerville who could benefit from temporary placement in a loving residential home, and we fully expect to get more mama cats and kittens in the coming weeks.  We are only at the start of kitten season,” said Allison Lozoya, Animal Shelter Supervisor.

According to Lozoya, it is generally much better for mother cats and their babies to be in a home environment during the first few weeks of life, rather than be kept in a confined, shelter situation.  “A home environment is less stressful for the mother and her nursing babies,” said Lozoya.  “In addition, our volunteers are wonderful about caring for and socializing the animals.  The kittens are more adoptable when they come back to the shelter to be put up for adoption.”

Volunteers of the Animal Services’ Foster Care Program are provided with all necessary supplies to care for the cats (including food, bedding, a litter box, litter, and other supplies), and can specify how long they would like to volunteer.  El Dorado County residents interested in applying as a volunteer in the Animal Services Foster Care Program can learn more at or can call (530) 621-7631. According to Lozoya, the animal shelter currently has a large selection of wonderful kittens and adult cats available for adoption. “I hope the community will consider us first when looking for a pet,” said Lozoya.

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