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Paramedics, Emergency Medical Technicians (EMTs), firefighters and local hospital medical staff in
El Dorado County are being recognized during National Emergency Medical Services (EMS) Week,
May 20 – 26.  “EMS Week is a great time to say thank you to the dedicated men and women in El Dorado County who make saving lives their mission,” said Richard Todd, Administrator of the EMS Agency within the El Dorado County Health and Human Services Agency.

Each year in El Dorado County, over 14,000 calls for emergency medical assistance are received through the 911 system.  The local EMS System is highly collaborative and includes: The 911 system, dispatch centers, first responders, paramedic ambulances, air ambulances, acute care hospitals, trauma centers and medical oversight by the local EMS Agency. Every 911 medical call is coordinated by paramedics and EMTs through hospitals located in El Dorado County. “This system works together everyday so that residents and visitors receive seamless quality care from the moment they call 911 until they arrive safely at the hospital,” said Todd.  “We have many dedicated people in this system who perform extraordinary acts of service and kindness, including those who work and volunteer as paramedics, fire fighters and EMTs.” 

The El Dorado County EMS Agency works in partnership with local hospitals, certifies and regularly trains local paramedics and emergency medical technicians in El Dorado County, and develops policies and procedures for emergency medical response in the field.  There are currently 734 certified EMTs and 398 accredited paramedics in El Dorado County.  The EMS Agency’s staff includes EMS Agency Medical Director, Dr. David Brazzel, EMS Agency Administrator, Richard Todd, Quality Improvement Coordinator, Brian Bresnahan (Paramedic), and Health Program Specialist, Patti Perillo. 

For more information about the EMS Agency or the EMS System in El Dorado County visit the County’s website at

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EMS Week 2012 (Revised)

Thank you to everyone who works together to make the EMS system run smoothly
in El Dorado County.  This photo represents a larger group of individuals in the EMS system.