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Kristine Oase


As Daylight Saving Time approaches on March 11, the El Dorado County Health and Human Services Agency, Public Health Preparedness section is encouraging residents to check their home emergency preparedness supply stocks to make sure they are up to date when they change their clocks.

According to Chris Weston, Program Manager, preparedness supplies should be checked at least twice each year.  “The best time to check supply kits is in the spring and in the fall when you change your clocks,” said Weston.  “Rotate existing supplies, discard anything that has expired, leaked or is damaged, and replace anything that has been ‘borrowed’ from the supply kit.”

Residents should have a stockpile that includes at least a three to seven-day supply of non-perishable food and water for each person and animal in the home.  The following items are recommended for home preparedness supply kits:

  • Water (at least one gallon per person, per day)
  • Non-perishable food
  • Flashlights
  • Batteries
  • Portable radio
  • Extra clothing
  • First aid kit
  • Copies of important documents
  • Emergency cash (in different denominations)
  • Pet food and supplies
  • Medications and personal hygiene supplies for each member of the family

According to Weston, “If you don’t already have a preparedness stockpile, now is the time to put one together.  While it might seem overwhelming and expensive, you probably have many of the supplies in your house already.”  Weston suggests picking up one to two items for your kit when grocery shopping, especially if canned foods or bottled water are on sale.  Preparedness stockpiles should be stored together in an easy to access place.  It is also a good idea to have a portable kit that can be taken during an evacuation.

For additional preparedness information, including tips on maintaining or creating a preparedness stockpile, and a complete list of recommended supplies,

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