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Animal Services

(530) 621-5795

El Dorado County Animal Services is searching for the owner of an all-white male pit bull that bit a woman on Monday, September 10 at approximately 6:30 in the evening while she was walking on the trail at Sly Park Lake. The incident occurred when the dog, on a long leash and jogging with its owner, approached the woman and bit her on her hip. The owner of the pit bull was accompanied by a young adult female who also had a pit bull on a leash. The second pit bull was black and white.  The owner of the biting pit bull was a young adult male in his early 20’s, about 6’3”, with dark hair, who gave his name as Nathan, but refused to provide any other information. 

While the woman’s injuries were not life threatening, Animal Services officers are actively looking for the dog’s owner to verify that the dog is current on its rabies vaccinations.  Without this verification, the woman may need to have post-exposure rabies treatments.  Anyone with information is asked to contact Animal Services at (530) 621-5795.

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