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Animal Services

(530) 573-7925

El Dorado County Animal Services is searching for the owner of two German Shepherd dogs that bit a 68-year-old woman on Friday, August 31 at approximately 4:45 p.m. while she was walking in Rubicon Bay. The incident occurred on Highland Drive in Rubicon Bay when the dogs, off leash and running alongside their owner’s truck, approached the woman and bit her on her leg.  The owner of the dogs stopped and provided contact information to the woman, but that information has since proven to be incorrect.  The dogs are described as pure bred German Shepherds, black and tan in color.  The owner of the dogs was accompanied by another man. 

While the woman’s injuries were not life threatening, Animal Services officers are actively looking for the dogs’ owner to verify that the dogs are current on their rabies vaccinations.  Without this verification, the woman may need to have post-exposure rabies treatments.  Anyone with information is asked to contact Animal Services at (530) 573-7925.

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