Medical Marijuana Program (MMP)

The Medical Marijuana Program (MMP) began in El Dorado County in 2007. After Senate Bill 420 was passed, the State of California established the MMP. The MMP requires counties to offer a voluntary Medical Marijuana Identification Card (MMIC). This program identifies patients who have received a recommendation from their doctor to use marijuana for medical reasons. SB 420 does not, however, protect patients from Federal prosecution for possessing marijuana.

Application Process:

  • Download application from State of California website (below under “forms”) or request an application by calling the Processing Location.

  • Complete all pages of application.

  • Make an appointment with the County:

  • Provide proof of residency in El Dorado County (utility bill, or phone bill showing legal address)

  • Provide a government issued photo ID

  • Provide signed recommendation from physician stating the patient has a serious medical condition that requires the use of medical marijuana.

  • $100.00 fee ($50.00 for Medi-Cal, requires proof of Medi-Cal eligibility) 

Responsibilities: Applicant (Patient), Primary Caregiver, And Physician

The MMP outlines responsibilities for those who apply for and hold an MMIC. Each set of responsibilities begins with a description or definition of the responsible party. Click here for list of responsibilities.

More Information and Forms: