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Juvenile Services

Juvenile Justice and Delinquency Prevention Commission (JJDPC)

 About the Commission


To serve the interests of at-risk youth, encourage and support the planning and evaluation of programs which prevent delinquency, and provide a leadership forum for citizen action in El Dorado County.


From its inception, California's juvenile justice system has been shaped by the involvement and strong influence of citizens.  California Welfare and Institutions Code (WIC) Sections 225-236 provide guidance for county-wide Juvenile Justice and Delinquency Prevention Commissions (JJC/DPC). EDC Board of Supervisors has designated the citizens of JJC to serve jointly on the DPC.

Juvenile Justice functions:  

Access all publicly administered institutions in their county authorized by juvenile court law. 

  • Inspect probation-administered institutions and jails, or other lockups detaining minors more than 24 hours.

  • Inspect Group homes located in El Dorado County, or those out-of-county facilities housing El Dorado County minors, for health and safety issues.

  • Review treatment programs and make recommendations to the Presiding Judge and the Chief Probation Officer.

  • Gain information beyond the inspection of institutions through: hearings, using the subpoena power of the Juvenile Court to require testimony of witnesses and the production of papers.

  • Recommend changes that investigation indicates beneficial to any person administrating provisions of the juvenile court law.

  • Report yearly the results of our inspections to the Juvenile Court and California Board of State and Community Corrections.

Delinquency Prevention functions: Engage in activities designed to prevent juvenile delinquency.    

  • Cooperate with or participate in activities that prevent or decrease juvenile delinquency including recreational, health, and other conditions in the community affecting juvenile welfare.

  • Coordinate county-wide governmental and nongovernmental organizations engaged in activities designed to prevent juvenile delinquency.

  • Render direct and indirect services to persons in the community and cooperate with any other agency of government in carrying out its purposes.

JJDPC Membership

Members are appointed by the Presiding Judge for a term of four years. Between seven to fifteen citizens meet monthly or as needed, with at least two members of fourteen to twenty-one years old. Recommendations to the Juvenile Court Judge for membership on the Commission may be made by current members. The Commission elects a Chairperson and Vice Chairperson for a two-year term.

Contact the Commission Chair or Presiding Judge to learn more about membership, or submit your membership application using the links below:

Online Application for Membership - Adult

Online Application for Membership - Youth

Legal Authority

California Welfare and Institutions Code (WIC):

  • Section 225 through 231 requires each county to have a Juvenile Justice Commission (JJC) to inquire into the administration of juvenile justice in their counties.
  • Section 232 through 236 provides for EDC Board of Supervisors to establish a Delinquency Prevention Commission (DPC) to coordinate the work of governmental and nongovernmental organizations engaged in activities designed to prevent juvenile delinquency.