Image of the El Dorado Trail El Dorado County Trail   

The County is actively developing this trail within the old Michigan/California Railroad right-of-way. The old railroad ran from Placerville east through Smith Flat and up to Camino. The first 2 miles of this trail corridor through Placerville has been developed by the city and is used by many residents and visitors. The county constructed a trailhead in Smith Flat and a bridge over Highway 50 that allows trail users access to another 4 miles of trail to Los Trampos in Camino Heights. A new section of the trail is scheduled for construction from Los Trampas Drive to Halcon Road in the fall of 2018.  The trail is proposed to continue with the new Camino interchange which trail will connect to the National Pony Express Trail Route and the proposed Sacramento-Placerville Rail Trail, which ultimately links the communities of South Lake Tahoe and the Sacramento Valley region.

Western El Dorado County offers many bike opportunities for visitors and locals.  Click here to get more information on El Dorado County bike routes.

 News and Upcoming Events:

  • El Dorado Trail will be CLOSED for scheduled construction in the section from Los Trampas Drive to Halcon Road starting June 18, 2018 and will re-open no later then November 5, 2018.  For questions or concerns, please contact staff at (530) 621-5900, option 3.

  • Western Placerville Interchanges Project - This project includes the US Highway 50 eastbound off ramp to Ray Lawyer Drive, local road improvements to Forni Road and Ray Lawyer Drive, pedestrian facilities and the connecting of two segments of the El Dorado Trail Class I Bike Path.  Construction has begun and is anticipated to continue over the next two years.  When the construction schedule requires trail closures, public notices will be posted on the trail as well as on the Parks Division web site.  Below is a map to view you an idea of the proposed project.

               Construction Update #3

               Construction Update #4

               Construction Update #5

               Construction Update #6

               Construction Update #7

               Construction Update #8

               Construction Update #9